Extended’ suite of Bystronic automation solutions on for ultra-fast sheet steel processing

Extended’ suite of Bystronic automation solutions on for ultra-fast sheet steel processing

While the company is a global leader in design and manufacturing of equipment such as fiber lasers, press brakes, and the requisite software to work with these various systems, Bystronic’s focus is very much on providing the leading-edge in innovative solutions for its customers.

In South Africa, the company First Cut, a foremost South African distributor of a range of cutting consumables and capital equipment, represents Bystronic.

Automation solutions for greater productivity

These cutting-edge solutions also include a wide variety of automated capital equipment solutions. For example, Bystronic’s fiber lasers are renowned for their exceptionally fast output of finished components. This poses a challenge for the loading and unloading of raw materials, a challenge which the company has overcome with – among other automated solutions – the ByTrans, ByTrans Extended and the ByLoader automation solutions.

The ByTrans is linked to the Bystronic fiber laser and automatically loads steel sheets onto the fiber  laser’s shuttle table. After the cutting cycle is completed, the ByTrans also unloads the finished parts and residual sheets.

The ByTrans requires only 60 seconds in which to carry out the complete loading and unloading cycle. This means that the automation system is always faster than the cutting plan that is being processed. For users, this means that the laser can cut uninterrupted for an extensive period of time. While the ByTrans loads one shuttle table, the fiber laser is cutting components from the raw material on the other table.

‘Extended’ solution with ByTrans Extended

Additionally, Bystronic supplies the ByTrans Extended. This features not one but two cassettes, which increases the automatic capability of the system. This option offers greater flexibility as it can not only store and return, but can also handle the removal of large parts. The ByTrans Extended can also prepare plastic protective separators, which are placed between the steel sheets.

The ByTrans Extended is available in 3 x 1.5 metre and 4 x 2 metre options.

Bystronic’s latest fiber  laser solutions are processing raw material substantially faster than earlier systems such as CO2 laser However, the laser  forms the ‘hub’ of an extended automation system, which includes downstream processes such as punching, bending and welding. However, where space in a manufacturing facility is constrained, The Byloader automation system is a compact loading unit that is positioned on the side of the laser system’s shuttle table. The system supplies raw metal sheets to the laser without taking up unnecessary space.

The ByTrans, the ByTrans Extended and the Byloader are operated using the ByVision Fiber’s touch screen. Bystronic has seamlessly integrated the control of the two automation systems into the fiber laser’s operating software. This enables users to perform all the operating steps on a single touch screen.

Globally, with the trend towards Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing, it has been found that Bystronic’s fiber lasers – supported by their innovative range of additional automation solutions – are increasingly becoming the cornerstone of business success.

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