No ‘brakes’ on innovation: First Cut brings Bystronic’s award-winning Xpert 40 press brake/Mobile Bending Cell combination to South Africa

Great innovation deserves to be rewarded. In the case of the foremost Swiss OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Bystronic – a leading global provider of high-quality solutions for the sheet-metal processing industry – their Mobile Bending Cell was recognised with an award for innovative solutions in the field of sheet-metal processing at the Blechexpo 2017 exhibition. This remarkable bending technology is available in South Africa from First Cut, Bystronic’s South African distributor and leader in the provision of capital equipment and consumables.

Global fabrication is demanding an ever-greater variety of sizes and shapes of bent parts. Bystronic’s Mobile Bending Cell, which operates in tandem with Bystronic’s Xpert 40 press brake, provides a solution to this challenge with a remarkably compact design. In fact, the Xpert 40 was designed to be transportable by forklift, so that it can be easily moved for optimised deployment.

PHOTO: The Bystronic mobile bending cell at work

With the combination of automation and press brake, it is still possible to bend ‘one-off’ components. Simply move the Mobile Bending Cell to one side and take manual control. When it is time to start a production run, the Mobile Bending Cell can be quickly and easily re-engaged, as it automatically aligns itself with the Xpert 40.

Although compact, the Xpert 40 still features an impressive 40-ton bending capacity and can carry out 1,028 bends an hour – three times more than larger press brakes. The ByMotion control system provides for high levels of dynamics with bending speeds of more than 25 mm/sec.

This Bystronic combination also offers superb precision thanks to ByMotion software, which regulates the relationship between speed, power and balance. This gives unmatched component consistency during long production runs.

Energy conservation continues to be a major concern for South African fabricators. The Xpert 40’s process control offers substantial savings and reduced maintenance costs, by using a third less power than other press brakes.

Ease of use was a paramount parameter in the design of the Mobile Bending Cell/Xpert 40 combination. With the Xpert 40’s control system, it is also possible to control the Mobile Bending Cell from a single touch screen. The ByVision Bending user interface has been designed to be process-oriented and intuitive; and has been equipped with an extensive database of sheet-metal types and bending tools. Operators can speedily decide on the appropriate tool set, the angle sequence and the bending force required.

ByVision software can be accessed by mobile devices. For example, an operator using a tablet  can review the bending parameters and, if necessary, change these from anywhere inside the facility.

ByVision Bending software also seamlessly controls the Xpert 40’s Xpert Tool Changer. This system allows for the fast automated changing of tools, which, in turn, delivers reduced set-up times and improved bending quality. Remarkably, the Tool Changer scans any new tool and automatically includes it into the Xpert 40’s magazine, without having to re-programme or call on a service technician.

For First Cut and its principal Bystronic, safety is also a key concern. The Xpert 40 is equipped with the Fast Bend e-camera safety device, the least intrusive and most effective safety system in the bending industry. A monitoring service called the ‘Observer’ is an option with the Mobile Bending Cell. This allows users to monitor all real-time processes in the press brake. The system supplies live stream and process data to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

It is with good reason that this automated press brake combination has been referred to as the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of bending. In developing the Mobile Bending Cell, Bystronic took customers’ feedback into account regarding their requirement for compact ergonomics, speed and productivity – not to mention energy and cost-savings.

With its ‘Plug and Bend’ principle of operation, the compact Mobile Bending Cell can quickly be set up and activated in any manufacturing environment. The Mobile Bending Cell’s ease of deployment and extensive range of applications will be a significant value-add in any fabrication or manufacturing environment. The Xpert 40/Mobile Bending Cell combination offers a fast, versatile and cost-effective alternative to larger press brakes.  As such, for a busy steel fabricator, this compact press brake system offers unmatched return-on-investment and profitability.



Note to Editors

With 62 years of industry experience, First Cut is a leading South African distributor of a range of cutting consumables and capital equipment.

Since producing its first band saw blade in 1960, First Cut has grown its offering substantially, and is able to meet the needs of a vast range of industries through the supply of band saw blades, circular saw blades, hacksaw blades, and other cutting consumables.

First Cut’s merger Alexander and Poole in 2002, an exclusive agent for the Starrett range of cutting tools, was a significant milestone in the company’s history, as was its acquisition in 2008 of Band Sawing Services, which meant that the company could expand its services into capital equipment.

Since then, First Cut’s capital equipment division has grown exponentially, thanks to its partnerships with some of the best-known brands globally.  The company’s capital equipment division specializes in metal cutting, sheet metal processing, structural (such as CNC bending and punching), and tube and pipe processing. First Cut has also invested substantially in its service programme enabling the company to provide repairs and maintenance services for a wide range of machines, from entry level band saws to state-of-the-art CNC controlled drilling and cutting lines.

Employing 240 people, First Cut is based in Benrose, Gauteng but has a national footprint and distribution facilities across South Africa.

Quality is at the top of the agenda at First Cut and the company has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification and adheres to strict quality and safety regulations.

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