Rafiki Power and Mobisol have partnered to pilot a new approach labelled the Hybrid Grid


Power and Mobisol have partnered to pilot a new approachlabelled the Hybrid Grid – bringing higher value and better service tooff-grid clients in rural Tanzania.

Arusha/ Düsseldorf/ Berlin, March7th, 2018

Rafiki Power (E.ON Offgrid solutions GmbH) and Mobisol GmbH have partnered to pilot a new approachlabelled the
Hybrid Grid for off-grid clients in rural Tanzania. The Hybrid Grid is combining the best of mini-grids and solar home
systems to bring higher value and better service to their mutual customers at lower cost. While Rafiki Power will continueto build mini-grid infrastructure, Mobisol will complement the offer and help reduce overall costs by equipping customerslying outside the core perimeter of the mini-grid with their large solar home systems. Both the mini-grid and the solarhome system option deliver reliable, clean and affordable energy.
Jointly Mobisol and Rafiki Power will be in a position to give access to a wider range of appliances to more customers.
This will also include the possibility to finance and monitor the appliances on a PAYG basis. All customers will have
access to to standard appliances such as TVs (up to 43”) and Fridges.
Mobisol with its efficient DC technology will enable the outlying customer’s access to so-called productive use appliancesranging from mobile phone chargers, barber shop equipment to village cinemas. Within travel distance these customerswill also have access to larger productive use equipment run on Rafiki Powers AC Mini-grids that allow for economics ofscale such as water pumps, mills, cold storage, carpenter shops utilizing electric drills and saws or welding shops. .
Increased demand for new or larger appliances can flexibly be met by installed additional capacity. Beyond improvingThe value proposition for customers, the cooperation allows for synergy effects both in terms of logistics and of operationsbut most importantly allows for economic development in the entire region.
Daniel Becker CEO Rafiki Power said “We are thrilled to combine the best of both worlds of mini-grids and solar homesystems. Our customers stand to benefit from the improved offer, in particular in terms of access to a wider range of highquality appliances. The operational synergies between our businesses will help to reduce overall costs. “
Mini-grid and solar home and business systems providers have long been considered as separate silos. Electrification
strategies have tended to opt either for one or the other technology, giving the impression that they were mutually

Thomas Gottschalk, CEO Mobisol Group emphasized that “the collaborative approach between the mini-grids expertsand large solar home system pioneers offers a flexible and powerful solution to all planners in rural electrification. Thetime of choosing one or the other technology is now over and theirmutual benefits can now be combined.“The cooperation of Rafiki Power with Mobisol is proving the complementarity of both approaches and thereby widensthe options and solutions available when planning rural electrification at larger scale.

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