Schneider Electric participates in French-South African Business Forum

Albert Fuchet, Cluster President for Schneider Electric Anglophone Africa will participate at the French-South African Business Forum on Thursday 4 October 2018, where he will take part in the panel discussion ‘A New Approach: Building skills for the Future’, with the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Buti Manamela.


“Schneider Electric South Africa (SESA), has a dedicated sustainable development programme that focusses on creating Access to Energy and Access to Education.” explains Fuchet. “The panel’s themes of Education, Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship, mirror the dedicated efforts of our education programmes, while access to energy is one of the most passionate missions at Schneider Electric, because when you connect people to energy, you change their lives.”


“The valuable contribution of SESA’s educational programmes can be seen in the recent signing of a statement of intent with the South African National Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to expand their Access to Education training collaboration. It focuses on student development, staff development, as well as curriculum and programme development which Schneider Electric will support through digital education platforms.”


The F’SASEC Network was established by Schneider Electric, in conjunction with the Schneider Electric Foundation and the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research, at five tertiary education institutions across South Africa. The French Ministry made a large contribution to F’SASEC, as it deployed French expert Professor Alexander Sebastiani, who was based in South Africa from 2011-108. The primary role of Sebastiani was to transfer best practices from the French education system to the partners that form part of the F’SASEC network. The impact of this approach has been considerable, as the F’SASEC network has incorporated practical training, digitisation to teaching methods, with a key focus on vocational training and life skills training to prepare artisans for industry.


Throughout the F’SASEC network, Schneider Electric promotes and supports voluntary commitment from its employees and retirees through its Teachers’ programme. Teachers are invited to South Africa to teach on subject matters of interest for student training as well as train the trainer courses.


“This week, there is currently a teachers’ mission at CPUT, which showcases our commitment to training trainers and demonstrates the strong collaboration between CPUT and the College of Cape Town (two of our partners) to bridge levels of education in South Africa as trainers from both institutions are participating in the train the trainer teachers mission,” explains Zanelle Dalglish, Schneider Electric’s Head of Sustainable Development for Anglophone Africa.


“With the approach of Industry 4.0, South African industry needs to upskill its workforce and invest in integrated IT systems to handle the increased speed of change. Attracting the right digital talent and training and developing the existing workforce to understand and operate these new and smart technologies is equally important,” concludes Dalglish.

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