RTS Africa Technologies principal H2Scan opens new Environmental Conditioning Laboratory to further ‘refine’ hydrogen detection in gas process streams

Hydrocarbon fuels are essential for our daily existence. However, extracting usable fuels from crude oil is a complex process in which hydrogen plays a cardinal role, as the correct levels of hydrogen in a refinery process stream largely determine the quality of the final product. “At RTS Africa Technologies, we have been distributing H2Scan hydrogen detection and analysis products for the past decade. In particular, H2Scan’s Hy-Optima range of products have numerous applications in South Africa’s oil refineries,” says Ian Fraser, MD of RTS Africa Group, a Tshwane-based company specialising…

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Yokogawa to Release ProSafe®-RS SIL2 Wireless Gas Detection System


Offering of a total system solution, including consulting and engineering–   Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will release the ProSafe-RS® SIL2*1 wireless gas detection system in September.   The ProSafe-RS SIL2 wireless gas detection system will consist of a newly enhanced version of the Yokogawa ProSafe-RS SIL3 safety instrumented system (R4.03.10), Yokogawa field wireless network devices, annunciator panels, and GasSecure*2 GS01 or GS01-EA*3 wireless gas detectors.   For this system, Yokogawa will establish a total solution that will include both consulting and engineering.   In energy and basic materials…

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