Delay in manufacturing causes shortage of new car models in SA

Motoring expert Warren Tucker says Covid-19 has affected the manufacturing of car parts in most countries.

There is a shortage of new car models in South Africa, this is according to the National Automobile Dealers’ Association.

Bloomberg also reported that US automakers warned of a potential 1.3 million shortfall in car and light-duty truck production.

Refiloe Mpakanyane talks to motoring expert Warren Tucker to find out the extent of this problem.

A lot of the manufacturing power is based in the east side of the world, your Taiwan, South Korea and China. A lot of components are manufactured there and shipped to the countries where these vehicles are assembled.

Warren Tucker, Motoring Expert

Because of Covid-19 and what has happened, there is a delay in manufacturing and delay in parts.

Warren Tucker, Motoring Expert

Tucker the dealy in new cars has driven the price of second-hand vehicles up.

People will go out looking for a new vehicle, surprising enough, these are vehicles manufactured in South Africa and there will be a delay on that specific vehicle due to the current shortage.

Warren Tucker, Motoring Expert

Listen to the full interview below…

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