Veer Steel Mills’ women commemorate Women’s Day


On August 7, women of Veer Steel Mills took to the streets of Alrode to demonstrate and redo the march that happened on August 9, 1956.

The day kicked off with a presentation where attendees were addressed on burning topics and those who outshined themselves in their departments were also recognised.

While observing lockdown regulations, they continuously took turns in addressing attendees and encouraged each other as women in a male-dominated field.

Members of the Alrode company later marched hoisting placards which stood against gender-based violence and which also celebrated women. They also treated motorists to chocolates as they continuously passed by

According to Siddicqa Hardev, human resource manager at Veer Steel Mills, female empowerment is a foundational value of Veer Steel Mills.

“Steel is an integral part of the South African economy and the industry is full of opportunities for women specifically. Women bring an element of creativity to metallurgy, and we are doing our best to attract and retain talented and passionate ladies in steel,” she said.

Sachin Ahuja, director at Veer Steel Mills, said: “From our side, we are going to try and give them the best opportunities within our environment. Every step they take should make them much stronger people than before.”

The women staff of Veer Steel Mills collectively thanked the director for his much-needed support at the company.
The steel company also announced their launch of a bursary giveaway to settle the fees of girls studying towards a qualification within the steel manufacturing industry.

Applicants should provide a motivational letter and an invoice of outstanding fees via email to

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Source:Southern Courier |Breaking local news in Joburg South

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