See it to believe it: Our newest leak detector tool explained

The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager is specially designed for production facilities that rely on compressed air. But what makes it so unique from all the other conventional leak detectors in the market?

Top Features:

  • Precise leak detection: 64 directional microphones detect soundwaves given off by a leak and overlayed on top of an image to pinpoint the leak’s exact location
  • Keep your teams safe: Detect leaks up to 50 m to track down leaks as they occur and ensure your team is safe when inspecting hazardous areas
  • Never have to wait for planned downtime: Adjustable frequency ranges between 2-52 KHZ filters out audible noises so you can do inspections during normal operation hours
  • For anyone, any time: Extremely easy to use for any one in your team even without training

If you would like to avoid unplanned downtime, eliminate safety risks, help carbon footprint reduction, improve your energy efficiency and last but not the least, make signficant energy cost savings for your company, watch this free online demo video of Fluke ii900.


Watch the video

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