Pneumatic robotics meets artificial intelligence

Festo presents new bionics projects:   BionicSoftHand, BionicSoftArm and BionicFinWave. Whether its grabbing, holding or turning, touching, typing or pressing – in everyday life, we use our hands as a matter of course for the most diverse tasks. In that regard, the human hand, with its unique combination of power, dexterity and fine motor skills, is a true miracle tool of nature. What could be more natural than equipping robots in collaborative workspaces with a gripper that is modelled after this model of nature, that solves various tasks by learning through artificial intelligence?

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Hytec supplies turnkey 400-ton thermoplastic press for aerospace industry

The Hytec-supplied 400-ton thermoplastic press, which is used in deep-moulding composite materials for components in the aerospace industry.

Hytec Cape Town designed and constructed a 400 Ton Thermoplastic Press for composite materials supplier AAT Composites, a Recaro Group subsidiary based in Somerset West. The press is capable of deep-moulding composite materials up to 1 m2, used in the manufacturing of components such as seat pans and interior panels in the aerospace industry. Awarded over considerable competition from international manufacturers, Hytec, with the assistance of a local mechanical engineering company and an electrical company, was able to supply a complete, integrated press machine, a turnkey solution from a single…

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Lightweight but Robust: The pinnacle of aluminium crane system technology

Aluminium crane systems are a critical component of ergonomic, safer and more productive item handling.

Over the last few years, the manufacturing sector for smaller-load handling cranes of under a ton has been experiencing some extremely dynamic development. The vacuum and handling technology specialist Schmalz was one of the first manufacturers to launch a fully developed system of lightweight aluminium crane systems back in 2006. Distributed in sub-Saharan Africa by Hytec Group Company Tectra Automation, Schmalz systems are driving the supply of highly responsive and ergonomic manually controlled systems to market. Loads weighing under a ton are handled in practically every logistics process, and lightweight…

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Bringing the Industrial Internet of Things to Fluid Power

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers new opportunities for machine monitoring, control, and diagnostics

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers new opportunities for machine monitoring, control, and diagnostics. But unlike the all-purpose IoT, the IIoT requires much more than synching your smart phone with individual devices. Without a doubt, the biggest news in manufacturing for the decade is the rapid proliferation of low-cost sensing and computer processing being attached to all types of industrial equipment—everything from connectors, hose and tubing to pumps, motors, actuators and filters. In fluid power systems, the line between actuator and sensor is becoming increasingly blurred. Traditionally, solenoid-operated valves…

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Make the Connection


Pneumatic quick-acting couplings provide a fast, convenient way to repeatedly connect and disconnect air lines. If a hose or tubing in a pneumatic system will be connected and disconnected more frequently than once a week, chances are a quick-acting coupling will pay for itself rapidly by improving productivity. Although simple in concept, many quick-acting couplings are precisely engineered for specific applications. Their widespread use over many years has produced a wide variety of standard designs. Regardless of the manufacturer, all quick-acting couplings have some elements in common. All have two…

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