Rand-Air’s oil-free compressors, portable generators and nitrogen generators ensure ‘well-oiled’ refinery shutdowns

Rand-Air’s oil-free compressors typically used in refinery shutdowns

An oil refinery is a very large and highly complex installation. Because of this complexity and the nature of the process, shutting the plant down for ad hoc repairs is not an economical option. Oil and gas refineries are designed so that they will run uninterrupted for a period of 18 months to two years, after which sections of the refinery are shut down for scheduled periods of repair and maintenance. During what is invariably a period of frenetic activity, all repairs, upgrades and maintenance are carried out. These pre-emptive…

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Using Steel Imports As a Weapon In a Trade War May Hurt South Africa

The news of the closure of Robor, a 90-year old South African blue-chip steel producer, has recently occupied industrial news headlines. At the time of the introduction of duties in 2015, NEASA cautioned government of the consequences of introducing import duties to protect South Africa’s steel monopoly, AMSA, calling it a “slow poison” causing the inevitable and painful demise of the steel downstream. Since then, many steel companies have shut down and in the recent weeks some prominent names, including Robor, either downsized substantially or even closed their doors. The…

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ABB’s protection and control relay solves Sappi power challenges

ABB solution fulfills all customer requirements such as high-level reliability of protection in pulp and paper plant and compliance with grid code   Power Plant Electrical Technologies (PPE), an ABB channel partner in South Africa, decided to use ABB’s new REX640 protection and control relay to develop a custom solution for Sappi’s Ngodwana pulp and paper mill. This solution will replace ageing relay panels with modern equipment, which offers additional functionality. Sappi also wanted to upgrade the grid-tie protection system in accordance with South Africa’s public electricity utility Eskom’s grid…

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Excellent service ensures Rand-Air is the supplier of choice in South Africa’s dry docks

According to Rand-Air Fleet Manager, Craig Swart “Our maritime customers appreciate that we understand their industry.”

Those who have worked in shipyards, harbours and dry docks will be familiar with the pressure and constant urgency, which is exacerbated by frequent delays due to anything from weather to a backlog of vessels awaiting maintenance or repair. When it comes to corrosion control, it is not something one can simply postpone and do later. The shipping industry’s natural environment of saltwater means constant and precise corrosion prevention and maintenance is required. This is according to Craig Swart, Fleet Manager at Rand-Air, a hire industry stalwart and provider of…

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SAISC 2019 Steel Awards showcases local steel construction innovation mettle


Adversity often brings opportunities with it. South Africa’s steel industry has been going through a period of severe challenges, affecting the entire supply chain and seeing the most serious contraction for many years in the sector. Despite the prevailing ‘doom and gloom’, however, the South African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) has remained true to its role of industry champion during this challenging time, focusing on innovation, positivity and creativity – particularly with regards to this year’s Steel Awards. This approach has borne fruit, with the SAISC 2019 Steel Awards…

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The tall ‘POPIA’ syndrome: stand out from the crowd by preparing your financial document management system for POPIA now!

Christopher de Zeeuw, Managing Director at Capisol Software.

The Protection of Public Information Act (POPIA) is not yet in effect, but the final POPIA regulations were signed into law in November 2018, with all indications that the Act will shortly become effective. Although there is a 12 month grace period for compliance once the POPIA officially comes into play, companies should start preparing their data processes now to avoid the risk of non-compliance. This is according to Christopher de Zeeuw, founder and Managing Director of Capisol Software, the leading and trusted local provider of an integrated, cloud-native, document…

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Electric Vehicle Road Trip (EVRT) Africa sees government and industry work together in electrification, automation and connectivity

ROSSLYN, South Africa (October, 2019) As technology continues to shape and reshape our everyday lives, new trends cause shifting customer expectations to place new demands on the automotive sector as well as on government. The two both have a role to play in paving the way for a new era of electrification, automation and connectivity, says Kabelo Rabotho, Marketing Director, Nissan South Africa. Nissan South Africa and Generation.e in conjunction with the Department of Transport and Gauteng Provincial Government, will be embarking on the trip between Johannesburg and Cape Town.…

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BLM Group: turning your tube-bending and end-forming into a production pipeline.

Conventional production-line steel processing dictates that one part is made at a time. Parts are processed sequentially and eventually become part of a larger whole. However, it has been shown that this system, being sequential, is inherently inefficient as, among other things, the production line has to cater for intermediate storage and retrieval of semi-finished goods. The BLM Group presents a productivity enhancing solution in its 3-Runner, Smart, E-Shape and E-Form suite of machines. In South Africa, BLM equipment is distributed by First Cut, the country’s leading distributor of cutting…

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Using partnerships to bring innovative benefits to society

Working closely with partners in industry, government and communities, the Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (CRPM) at the Central University of Technology (CUT) in South Africa is using its social and technological innovations to help solve societal problems in Africa and beyond. The CRPM, which specialises in additive manufacturing – better known as 3D printing – has made a name for itself in the field of medical product development, designing and manufacturing a range of medical devices, including pre-operative models of a patient’s skull to help surgeons plan their…

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The world’s biggest offshore wind farm will be as cheap as coal

The world’s biggest offshore wind park planned off the coast of England will probably in the next decade generate power cheaper than by burning coal. A number of offshore wind projects won contracts to sell power at guaranteed prices in a UK auction Friday. The price of 39.65 pounds per megawatt-hour ($49.70) was 31% below the level in a similar auction two years ago. The plunge highlights how offshore wind, which only a few years ago was a niche technology more expensive than nuclear reactors, is changing the economics of…

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